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Integrated Marketing + Content Marketing = Perfect Combination

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

Integrated marketing plans are employing content marketing as a means to motivate your target audience of customers and prospects to buy and build their brand. Not so long ago you would see an ad, a TV spot, hear a radio spot or get a mailing with a “special offer” and that was the marketing plan and strategy rolled into one. Strategy has since changed and the new tactics have been implemented and clearly defined as separate from the marketing strategy.

Marketers have learned to effectively communicate with their target audience of customers and prospects in the way their audience is most comfortable receiving a message… Social media, print, email and more often an integrated approach of marketing channels. Changes in sharing personal information, selling and frankly courting customers have continued. Now the content of the message and the way it is delivered has changed. Sales pitches have dramatically softened and valuable, relevant content is appearing in its place in integrated marketing plans.

This has indicated a large scale shift, a trend, in the market place to create and distribute relevant information to attract a highly defined target audience. With the adoption of market segmentation, the more this highly targeted audience is informed without an obvious sales pitch, it seems the more profitably the customer responds to the marketers approach. Good content grabs your attention; makes you think about what you have just seen heard or read and then act.

In a recent Roper Public Affairs study 80% of business-to-business decision makers polled said that they preferred content marketing to ads. 9 out of 10 marketers currently use content marketing and are already spending 25% of their marketing budget on it. Many tactics are used to disseminate this valuable content to a target audience: social media, case studies, white papers, personal appearances as a speaker, webinars, informational videos and more – again utilizing an integrated approach.

You still need to drive your target audience of prospects and customers to this valuable content or deliver it to them in some manner. SEO, direct mail, outdoor advertising, and QR codes are just a few integrated marketing tactics that people have found effective. Once a relationship has been established it often is continued even sought out by the information’s recipient. Think about blogs, Twitter, and Google Plus – there are people who follow them religiously. Consider adding content marketing to your integrated marketing plan for a segmented audience. You might just see your sales jump.

How will you start creating engaging content to add to your integrated marketing mix? What will be your content marketing priority?

How Content Marketing Can Help Your B2B Customers While Building a Connection

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

Having an overall content marketing strategy can help you drive results that can potentially impact sales and website traffic. CRW has experienced a dramatic increase in traffic to their website due to the use of SEO, social media and the addition of white papers, contests, and blog posts.

Most B2B customers now get their information on the web via content and knowledge provided by businesses. To benefit, you have to drive your prospects and customers to your website by providing great content that solves problems, answers questions, and provides insight into how your products/services can help them. SEO and social media, as well as, direct mail can all be effective means of driving traffic to a website. At CRW, we have used all 3 marketing channels very successfully. Creating integrated marketing campaigns has proven highly effective.

We have found that once prospects get to a website, starting a meaningful interaction, one that a customer finds relevant is the way to begin to build a relationship. That relationship is based on relevant, reliable content. This is an opportunity to share information but not hard sell. Your content should be strong enough to speak for itself. Here is where CRW has been successful marketing their brand, reinforcing corporate values and along the way finding new prospects.

Traditional mass marketing has become very expensive and easy for prospects to avoid. Just think of how you TIVO or DVR your favorite television programs to avoid the ads. Your prospects do it too. Sharing knowledge or becoming a thought leader on subjects relevant to your prospects can open the door for future sales opportunities. Opportunities with prospects that you had not previously considered or perhaps didn’t know existed. Good content, well stated can help you build brand loyalty and raise public perception and awareness of your firm.

Wouldn’t you as a consumer rather deal with someone who has already done you a service? With someone who has already demonstrated that they have a clear understanding of the subject that you are seeking information about? Perhaps they are even an authority on it? If the subject is relevant to your customer, they have sought it out and there is a desire on their part for more information the opportunity exists for a dialogue to begin with that prospect.

Content marketing doesn’t guarantee a sale but it can turn a cold lead to a warm one or even possibly into a customer. The information that you are offering doesn’t always have to come without strings though. Access to blogs is easy and generally requires no exchange of information. A request for white papers and other substantial documents often frequently requires some basic exchange of information: a name, address, phone number and email address can be required to access documents .Follow up on the request for larger publications like white papers can then be done through email, mail or phone. You can even start building a CRM system with this input for future outreach. It is a real chance to do good by doing good. Sharing your thoughts can be a win-win for all.

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