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Who says direct mail is dead? It’s just personal and we have the results to prove it!

Friday, March 25th, 2011


A recent article highlighted a prominent Midwest university who successfully deployed direct mail with a PURL to appeal to honors students as part of an admissions campaign. An A/B split test was conducted to research the affect of utilizing variable data printing in a marketing campaign.
Variable data printing tailored the direct mail postcard to the individual student’s interest in major, gender and whether or not they had visited the campus. Images and text were aligned to reflect the individual’s data. The PURL directed the students to a personalized landing page. For the other students, the Midwest university sent a more general mailing.

The university reported a 32% increase in student enrollment in 2010 over the prior year. 91% of those who registered were recipients of the PURL campaign. The use of a more focused mailer resulted in a 29% savings in printing costs.

“It’s all about making it relevant versus having high volume.”

At the same time, a non-profit organization used a personalized postcard and PURL to appeal to donors as part of their annual giving campaign. It reported that their normal donation rate is 2% to 3%. This campaign returned a 14% donation rate. “This is a bit more expensive, but it drove more conversions.”

“The trend is toward more efficiency and figuring out a multichannel approach with a much more layered cadence of communications.”

As online marketing becomes more saturated, innovations in printing and production are driving more marketers to use traditional channels to drive multichannel efforts.

How are you using direct mail in your multichannel marketing mix?

Not Using Variable Data Printing (VDP) Is Really Crazy!

Friday, May 21st, 2010

Greetings! I hope everyone is enjoying the spring season. Summer is quickly drawing near, and with that you may be fearing the usual dip in business that many of us experience. One way to keep the revenue stream alive is with special offers, catered directly to your clients and their specific needs. Variable data printing makes this an easy task to accomplish.

The technology of digital printing has allowed for the cost effective means to create highly customized, targeted messages to your audience. It’s called variable data printing (VDP). Not only can you distribute printed pieces that are personlized with the recipients name (which is what most clients do), you can make the content and imagery variable so that it relates directly to your client.

For example, if you are a college or university sending out a direct mailer to prospective students, you can utilize variable data printing by correlating a specific block of text or a different picture to a specific intended major for that student. Business majors may have a photo of a man (for male recipients) or woman (for female recipients) in a suit with a briefcase. Education majors may instead have a photo of a classroom setting.

Another way my clients have effectively used variable data printing (vdp) is in fundraising campaigns. When sending out direct mail donation letters, clients have made suggested donation levels the variable data based on previous year’s contirbutions. For example, if someone donated $1,000 last year, you wouldn’t want to send them the same donation levels as someone who donated $100.

Of course, you need to have all this information in your database. Yes, you will actually have to good data to produce a successful variable data printing (VDP) campaign. Time to clean the ol’ CRM. For more on the ROI associated with variable data printing, see 8 Ways To Increase Your ROI With Variable Data Printing. Peace out – Ronnie B.


Mention our VDP BLOG and try out Variable Data Printing (VDP) in your next direct mail campaign for the same price as static direct mail*. (*up to the 1/3 of the mailing list)


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