Personalized URL Direct Mail: One piece of a Multichannel Marketing Mix

Personalized URL direct mail marketing can be a powerful way to show results in any marketing campaign.

Personalized URL direct mail marketing

What can personalized URLs (PURLS) do for your marketing campaigns? Our white paper explores the many possiblities of adding personalized URLs to your marketing mix.

  • PURLs provide a unique opportunity for an interactive communication with customers.

  • Adding PURLs can improve response rates of your direct mail.

  • PURLs give you the ability to measure results from your marketing campaign.

  • Read about a real personalized URL marketing strategy and find out the actual results.

Just one piece of your multichannel marketing mix.

Personalized URLs are just one piece of your multichannel marketing mix and overall marketing strategy.

Process of multichannel marketing.

Mix up your messages - literally!

When we say mix up your messages, we mean expand your reach by integrating messages using multichannel marketing. Sending your message out through one channel is not nearly as effective as using many to spread your marketing reach. Adding personalized URLs is just one way to achieve this mix; however, it goes far beyond this.

Since your clients and prospects have many options for finding out information today, it's important to target where they "hang out" and have the ability to measure which channels are most effective. From a television commercial to print ads in magazines to direct mail, measuring results can greatly increase your marketing effectiveness.

Start with your marketing strategy.

With all of the different marketing channels available, it's important to have a marketing strategy that ensures the same message reaches your clients and prospects in the voice that is the "voice of customer." How do you define these channels? It starts with your marketing strategy, having defined marketing goals and knowing what results are the best to measure. We can help you create a marketing strategy that is right for you!

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