Do More with Less Using an Automated Template-Based Workflow

With more demands on marketing budgets, personnel and schedules, we are all being tasked to do more with less. By transitioning to an automated workflow for repetitive, template-based print and integrated marketing programs, customers are seeing positive results that are helping them overcome these challenges. This automated workflow is known as web-to-print.

Web-to-print is a great solution for accomplishing more with less, while adding to the bottom line because of its many cost savings benefits. Web-to-print solutions range from canned and custom programs and are available in many forms. Having a secure, state-of-the-art customized web-to-print website can help an organization adhere to branding standards, streamline print and ordering needs and generally enable organizations to do more with less.

Benefits of web-to-print:

  • 1.Assure faster turnaround often in 48 to 72 hours from concept to shipment.
  • 2.Web-to-print automated workflows can utilize Just-In-Time printing eliminating obsolete inventory and storage costs.
  • 3.Mailing lists can be uploaded from the desktop, sorted and paired with projects in progress.
  • 4.These systems employ pre-loaded templates to reduce expenses for ongoing design, marketing and procurement.
  • 5.Easy to use applications assure completing the customization, design, proof approval and ordering of the materials while maintaining branding standards.
  • 6.Preprinted materials and premiums can be warehoused for fulfillment at the click of a mouse.
  • 7.Digital asset management can be incorporated into these systems.
  • 8.Batch production when schedule allows, presents opportunities for economies of scale for print and premium production.
  • 9.Environmental sustainability can be achieved by including but not limited to the use of FSC papers for your printed materials.
  • 10.Extranets and e-billing can be programmed in to streamline processes and improve budgeting and cash flow.
  • 11.Cross media applications such as variable data, email and PURLs can all be programmed into a web-to-print automated workflows.

Determining your organizations needs is a great way to clarify if a web-to-print automated workflow solution could be helpful for you. Request a DEMO of a web-to-print solution today!

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Web to print solutions are powerful when it comes to printing. Contact us at to sign up for a demo and we will show you how it can work to your benefit saving you time and money, while maintaining consistency and quality.

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