CRW Community Matters

Community Matters

“I strongly believe that if a company does right by the community,

the community will do right by the company.”

                                                                                             -Harriet Weiss, CEO

At CRW, we lead by example in both our industry and our community. Environmental and social awareness are essential to our efforts to support those around us. Many of us serve on boards and volunteer for charitable, academic, and community organizations across the Delaware Valley. We are proud of our various honors from the Philadelphia Cares Coalition, United Way, and Printing Industries of America, who recently named us one of the 25 Best Places to Work.

Conservation is also one of the most important aspects of our business, enabling our industry to continue without causing long-term damage to the environment. CRW is committed to reducing or eliminating our reliance on non-renewable resources, by being 100% lithography film-free, using vegetable-based inks, and being Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified for using responsibly-sourced or recycled paper, in addition to other initiatives.