CRW Core Values

CRW’s Eight Core Values

The client is first.  Our entire existence depends on satisfying the needs of those who purchase and use our products.

We are known by what we do.  We strive at all times for quality and value in our products, responsiveness in our service, and integrity in our actions. We work for continual improvement in all we do, and do not accept “good enough”.

We take individual action.  Decisiveness and action are preferable to doing nothing. To act is recognition that we as individuals and as a team can only succeed by seeking and accepting change. The risk of action, and the freedom to sometimes fail are the necessary costs of making progress.

People are trusted and respected.  Every coworker and client we work with deserves our full confidence and is worthy of fair treatment at all times. Open communication at every level is the foundation of this respect and trust.

We believe in education.  CRW provides and supports education for our community, clients and employees. We provide scholarships to our associates and their families to further their education.

Profit is a legitimate goal and critical result.  Only the earning of profits allows CRW to contribute to the welfare of its customers, give job security to its team, and support worthwhile endeavors.

We are environmentally responsible.  CRW selects and uses materials and energy in an environmentally friendly way.

CRW is a citizen of the community in which it operates.  We play an active role in promoting the quality of life in our community and society.