Digital Donations: Bringing Giving Into The Future

Seton Hall University Immaculate Conception Seminary School of Theology

The Challenge

For every college and university, the need to raise money, acquire new donors, and steward existing supporters is critical. Seton Hall’s School of Theology is no different, and recognized the need to modernize their donation pipeline, despite consistent fundraising efforts. Given that their prior campaigns consisted of only a traditional appeal letter, this was a wise decision.

The Solution

CRWconnect leapt at the chance to show a marked improvement, even over an already acceptably system. The first step was to modernize the school’s appeals. The tried-and-true letter campaign continued, but this time backed up by an email effort and system of personalized web pages (PURLs).

Personalization was a game changer. Going far beyond a name on a letter, each email contact also received a link to a personal web page, where they found a prepopulated contact form. Donating was as simple as clicking “Donate Now,” a major step from mailing a check back to the school.

Perhaps most importantly, the introduction of an online appeal meant that every response and interaction was tracked and matched to a donor’s (or prospective donor’s) name. This is key to establishing the long-term relationships that pay off handsomely in fundraising.

Key Details

  • Added online components to traditional letter campaign
  • Email, personalized web pages (PURLs)
  • Data tracking and reporting
  • 153% increase in online donors
  • 198% increase in online donations (17% increase in average donation)
  • 42% email open rate

“Prior to working with CRWconnect, donors were only encouraged to donate via check mailed back in a reply envelope. Giving our donors the option to donate online really made a difference. Furthermore, gathering additional information about our donors has made our follow-up interactions more personalized and meaningful.”

– Lorraine A. Joyce, Associate Director of Publications